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 The Awakening Light​


"Empowering Health, Healing, & Awakening"




The Mission of The Awakening Light is to empower YOU by transmitting energies, information, practices, and products which support personal and planetary health, healing, & awakening.


We offer:


~ Live and virtual courses in the following topics:

 breathing exercises (pranayama)

energy balancing exercises

 yoga and movement 

energy healing

crystal healing



......and more!


~Products which support Health, Healing and Awakening including:

guided meditations

Sacred art to uplift and inspire

nutritional supplements


~Private healing sessions in Sedona, AZ :

 Our signature Awakening Light Sessions

(integrating gentle bodywork, energy healing, sound healing, and crystal healing  to support

your next level of healing and awakening)



featuring a wide variety of products which support health, healing, and awakening

Online courses  



Visit our YouTube Channel!



The Awakening Light








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